A resource for those supporting worship in rural areas.

Lectionary Reflections is a source of reflections, meditations and sermons based on readings from the Revised Common Lectionary and the Daily Eucharistic Lectionary.

The resources are drawn from Corby Glen Group Virtual Church, the website originally (and hastily) set up in the days before the first UK Covid lockdown. Over the following weeks, months and years the site evolved and grew to welcome friends from across the world.

This new website presents the resources in a more structured and organised form than was possible under the pressures of the pandemic years. Now sponsored by Beltisloe Local Mission Partnership in the rural south-west corner of the Diocese of Lincoln, it aims to support authorised lay ministers to enable worship to continue in 30+ rural churches.

The old web address corbyglenchurches.uk is currently being set up to serve simple daily prayer services with a reflection on the gospel reading in text and audio formats. A technical hitch has delayed its launch, but watch this space for further news!